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Blockchain has the power to revolutionize the financial industry. Tokenizing equity opens up a plethora of new and exciting possibilities for both issuers and holders.

Reach Global Audience

Fractionalized ownership and digitized KYC onboarding processes allow issuers to globally reach both retail and institutional investors.

Reduce Operation Costs

Smart contracts automate manual processes, cutting off middlemen and eliminating human error while increasing operational efficiency.

Unlock Liquidity

Peer-to-peer transfers are achieved through automated compliance, while interoperability allows for easy connectivity with trading venues.

Automate Compliance

Compliance rules are embedded into tokenized assets. The transfers of tokens can only be triggered between eligible investors.

Record Keeping

All transactions on tokenized assets are automatically validated and recorded for asset owners and investors to access.

Asset Traceability

Asset owners and investors can trace the whole history of activities performed over tokenized assets in our system anytime, anywhere.

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Why list with AIX?

Cost Effective

A.I.X platform enables users easy and convenient transactions, that are more cost effective. An increase in efficiency regarding the transaction execution is observable due to a faster processing.

Faster Liquidity

A.I.X platform leverages blockchain technology to securitize assets, both traded and non-traded which also include increased liquidity, faster settlement, lower costs and bolstered risk management.

Access To Market

A.I.X offers a unique selection of investments and competitive fees, which will attract both retail and institutions investors.

Who can tokenise?


Tokenization provides opportunities to finance companies with the ability to convert all non-fungible assets into digital crypto-currencies that can be transferred smoothly.
Furthermore, it allows retailers to avoid keeping credit card numbers in POS devices and other systems. Overall, this increases market liquidity and reduces data security breaches.

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