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Labuan, November 13, 2023 – The Asia International Exchange (AIX) proudly announces the momentous launch of its centralized financial and digital assets exchange, marking a significant leap into the financial technology (fintech) landscape. This cutting-edge platform aligns with Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) Director-General Nik Mohamed Din Nik Musa's recent announcement of LFSA's Islamic Digital Asset Centre (IDAC) initiatives aimed at promoting economic development across finance and non-finance sectors.

At the core of AIX's offerings is the facilitation of digital assets trading, enabling users to engage with various Shariah-compliant cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain-based investments, including Security Token Offerings (STOs). AIX is dedicated to providing a seamless, user-friendly experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.

In a move toward diversifying its listings and expanding services, AIX will proudly introduce the listing of two groundbreaking tokens in the very near future: the Rahnu token and the Cash Waqf token.

The Rahnu token, based on a Shariah-compliant model, represents an innovative step towards asset-backed digital securities, providing investors with an opportunity to engage in ethical and sustainable financial practices. The securitization or tokenization of Ar Rahnu business, a form of Islamic pawnbroking, is an innovative means to apply Islamic finance principles in the digital economy. This structured process represents fractional ownership of the underlying assets, potentially forming a pool of assets eligible for trading or utilization as collateral in a Shariah-compliant manner.

Additionally, the Cash Waqf token reflects AIX's commitment to fostering socially responsible investment opportunities aligned with Islamic finance principles and STOs. Furthermore, the Cash Waqf token will accelerate economic and social development, focusing on empowering women in this region and potentially the global market.

Beyond token listings, in a testament to its commitment to stability and value, AIX is delighted to announce the dual listing of gold-backed coin assets scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. This strategic initiative offers investors exposure to assets backed by physical gold, providing a bridge between the traditional financial market and the emerging digital asset landscape.

"We are thrilled to unveil these innovative listings and the launch of digital assets trading on our platform, including the empowerment of Security Token Offerings (STOs). AIX is dedicated to providing a secure and diverse ecosystem for both seasoned and emerging investors, promoting the convergence of traditional and digital finance. We believe that these offerings reflect our commitment to pioneering secure and ethical investment solutions," said Roslan Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer, AIX.

AIX invites investors, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts to explore the diverse opportunities available on its platform. The exchange anticipates these new listings and the launch of digital assets trading to be the cornerstone of a dynamic and successful journey into the future of finance.

About Asia International Exchange (AIX):
Asia International Exchange (AIX) is a leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange that provides innovative and secure trading solutions for digital assets, including STOs. Committed to fostering a diverse and compliant marketplace, AIX aims to bridge traditional and digital finance through cutting-edge listings and a user-friendly trading experience.

Contact: Roslan Bin Ahmad
Chief Operating Officer

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